Email scare campaign targeting computer users

A new cyber scam is making the rounds, scaring computer users into believing that each of their keystrokes are being recorded by an unknown source. The scare campaign is informing users of this threat through email, in which the scammer makes claims that they have embedded a virus in adult web videos. This virus is then proposed to be able to collect contact information from messengers, emails and social media, record videos, and as mentioned above, record keystrokes used by the computer user.

In exchange for not releasing this sensitive data, the email requests a ransom payment to be made in bitcoin, an electronic currency which cannot be traced.

This scam appears to be a scare tactic, as there is no evidence to suggest it is actually linked to the use of adult websites, nor that any data has been recorded.

DO NOT pay the ransom, if you are the recipient of one of these emails.

Ensure that you secure your computer and other devices with anti-virus software, in addition to keeping your operating system and applications up-to date.

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