iCase Latest Release Notes- October 15, 2017

Every month, SoNET adds new features to iCase to keep up with customer demand and to remain innovative and relevant in the IT industry. Here’s a look at a handful of new features we now offer:

 Feature: (New) Bulk Task Update action / process

iCase now supports the ability to update Tasks in ‘bulk’ via the new Bulk Update action button within the following Tasks data grid.

  • My Profile>Tasks (for Entity: Users)
  • Person> Tasks\Services (for Entity: Persons)

 The following Task fields may now be updated in bulk action

  • Subject (if type as subject is not ticked in the task type configuration)
  • Assigned To
  • Status (if all has the same statuses)
  • Description
  • Priority (if priority is ticked in the task type configuration)
  • Travel Allowances (if travel allowance is ticked in the task type configuration)
  • All Custom Fields

Please note:

  • Selected Tasks chosen need to be of the same Type.
  • Only parent and actual tasks will be able to be bulk updated, if user selected TBA task previously, the parent task will be updated.

Feature: (Enhancement) admin section – Application > Workflow – Entity Keywords can be used

iCase now supports the ability within the Application>Workflows interface the ability to use Entity Keywords within the Action field settings available.

For example:

  • Job Referral Keywords can be used within the Create Task > Allow Occurrences settings within the End Date field for specifying a specific end date for the occurrences to stop.

Please note: for the keyword to be available to use within the workflow it will need to be available for the selected Entity chosen.

Feature: (New) Person and Organisation > Finance interface – Bills Tab

iCase now supports within both the Person and Organisation> Finance interface, a new Bills Tab.

The Bills Tab will display the following Finance records that the selected Person or Organisation has been linked to via the Supplier field.

  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices

Please note:

For Person, the Supplier Type on the finance record will be selected as Person.

For Organisation, the Supplier Type on the finance record will selected as Organisation.