iCase Latest Release Notes

iCase Latest Release Notes (Release Date 27/11/2016)

Every month, SoNET adds new features to iCase to keep up with customer demand and to remain innovative and relevant in the IT industry. Here’s a look at a handful of new features we now offer:

  • IMPORTANT ADDRESS ENHANCEMENTS AND DETAILED MODE –To allow more flexibility, the following key changes have been made:
  • Is Mailing’ option, by default there will always be one Address record that will have the ‘is Mailing’ checkbox checked.
  • A new field Linked To/Linked With has been included to join addresses between entities (such as family members sharing the same address).
  • We have removed the Address Type: Physical & Postal and replaced it with the Type: Physical with the ‘is Mailing’ checkbox checked.

A new detailed address view has been added to cater for complex situations where the existing address features are not enough. In order to use this view you must contact SoNET systems to enable it. Doing so replaces the simple address view with an ‘Addresses’ Tab on the overview screen and adds the following additional fields:

  • Property
  • Current From /Current To: date fields to record temporary and past address information
  • Availability
  • Comments
  • Address Groups: this field can be configured and used to restrict the visibility of some address records based on a user’s role.
  • USER ACCOUNT AND LOGIN- SECURITY RELATED CHANGES – To promote and ensure good security practices, we have added the following:




  • Password complexity options Default to: Min length: 10, Max length: (not limited) – Required characters 1 uppercase and 3 special characters
  • Max Login Attempts: If a user fails to login after a set number of attempts the user account will be temporarily locked for a specified time period Default to: Max failed attempts: 5, failed attempt lockout time period: 5 minutes
  • Security Disclaimer Prompt (Form Template)– when a User Account Login / Authentication is successfully they will see the security disclaimer prompt requiring them to agree before continuing. Default: off
  • Locked / Unlocked action: a new action to manage the locked / unlocked user accounts by an authorized administration user. (if an account is temporarily locked from a failed login attempt the user account will automatically be unlocked after the specified time period)
  • SEARCHING: FORM DETAILS AND FORMS CATEGORY – New search options “Form Details” to make finding forms easier. This includes the core attributes of the Form record that you can see from the Entity Type Forms\Letters data grid:
  • Title
  • Type
  • Form date
  • Updated By
  • Last Version Date
  • Complete
  • COMPANY-ROLES ADJUSTMENTS – The following 2 new actions have been made available within the Company-Roles data interface:
  • PURCHASE ORDERS: AUTOCOMPLETE ‘ADD ITEM’ LIST – To make adding line items easier to find when Creating / Updating a Purchase Order/Invoice/Quotation selection list has been changed to an auto-complete / searchable list.
  • Duplicate Role: this allows you to copy the selected Role settings to a new Role with a different name
  • Assigned Users: quickly reference the users currently assigned to a selected Role