Latest Release Notes from ICase – July 2017


SoNET regularly adds new features to ICase to keep up with customer demand and to remain innovative and relevant in the IT industry.

Some of the new features we now offer include:

Feature: Entity Client to Person Data Migration

The Entity Type ‘Client’ has been migrated to the Entity Type ‘Person’, which includes both Clients and Contacts records.

The Entity Person records can be located / searched by using the Managing Details – Person Type field in order to locate, either the client or the contact records.

The existing Client record iCASE functionality has been migrated and included within the Person record so that staff can perform the same functions within the Person record that they previously performed for the Client record.

Feature: Jobactive  Jobseekers – DoE ESS Employment Fund Changes –

For the Jobactive Jobseekers functionality, we have applied the DoE Employment Fund Data Dictionary changes that became effective from the 1/07/2017.

This relates to the following EF Categories:

  • PSPS
  • EMRT
  • WRTR

Feature: Finance-Item Configuration – assign multiple Task Types can be linked to the one Finance-Item

In relation to configuration Funding Items for Task Types within the admin ‘Application’ section, we have now allowed the ability to assign Multiple Task Types to the one Finance-Item record.

This then means when creating a funding for a given Task (Service), the same funding body can be added to the Person record (via the Finance-Funding Tab) for different Task Types (services)

Feature: Searching Person-Additional Details (Custom Fields) – ability to disable fields as requested/needed

We have now allowed the configuration option (Application-Other Settings) when a field is disabled to also remove that field from within the Search-Person-Additional Details list of fields that staff can select for their searches.

 Feature: Application-Custom Fields Type: Signature

We have added a new Custom Field Type: Signature which can be used when a custom field is needed to be created to record an electronic signature within an iCASE interface

Please note: this custom field currently cannot be added to the Application-Form Builder Templates.