SoNET’s Assessment Master is a feature rich and comprehensive online assessment software solution. Intuitively designed and built for accessibility, this online testing software provides a sophisticated platform to allow flexible assessment from any location across multiple delivery methods. Assessment Master is securely delivered from SoNET’s cloud infrastructure in Australia and the UK as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Well beyond conventional online examination software (multiple choice, etc.), Assessment Master provides task-oriented and task-simulated assessments of performance in any situation – meaning, it assesses not only that a task has been accomplished, but HOW it has been attained. By simulating processes, software, behaviours and situations, this assessment software is unique in its ability to assess the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of completing a task, allowing for assessment of behaviours and student collaborations.

State and National Governments (Australia, Denmark, Norway, Israel) and international organisations (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) have used or are currently using Assessment Master to assess competencies (numeracy, literacy, ICT literacy, etc.) for tens of thousands of students. It has proven to be a successful educational tool by Governments, Government agencies, large universities, schools and commercial enterprises in their assessment initiatives and projects.

Build Items and Assessments

The Assessment Master Builder module supports the creation of standard test instruments (e.g. multiple choice, open text entry, etc.) as well as special test instruments through customisation (integrated applications or simulations).

The full graphical user interface (WYSWYG) requires minimal or no technical knowledge to operate and comes with a number of predefined widgets (over 30 types) and templates to provide the user with a simple and easy-to-use method of creating items. SoNET’s team can also create any type of complex simulation assessment feature: games, tasks and whole applications can be in-built based on client’s specific requirements.

The Translation function allows you to translate your tests into any language in the world, with support to all character sets (Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, etc.)

Assessment Delivery is Secure and Cost-Effective

Without the need for any prior knowledge of programming, you can create a self-managed, highly sophisticated assessment system in a matter of hours. Assessment delivery is operating-system independent, meaning that content can be delivered to students online, offline, via appliance or memory stick. Use standard reports or create your own reports with complete set of metadata as defined in the builder.

Mark/Score Assessments

The marking function provides a fully automated process for marking tasks with a distinct answer, (multiple choice questions for example), with the option for human marking for essays and more complex tasks. Aside from the manual marking method available for essays, Assessment Master Marker provides a unique capability for automated marking of essays using Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence helps users overcome time restraints, costs, extensive logistical efforts, and issues with consistency in marking. This complete online marking process is supported with marker training, pair marking, etc.

Far superior to any other online examination software available on the local and international market, hundreds of thousands of students tested by Australian and International Governments and organisations stand testimony to the high quality level of service and security of the Assessment Master test delivery.

Assessment Master allows users to quickly and efficiently build adaptive and complex tests and task based learning materials without any knowledge of programming.

Most importantly the user’s experience when sitting the test or studying is the same as running the test or curriculum on the local desktop, which no ordinary web based system can deliver.

Assessment Master Benefits

  • Unleash your creativity with Assessment Master Test Builder, allowing you to quickly build adaptive and complex tests and task based learning materials without any prior knowledge of programming. You can use it as a standalone application to produce SCORM and QTI compliant items and tests;
  • Use Assessment Master Test Engine to deliver learning materials and complex assessments anywhere – anytime;
  • Administer your organisation, clients, students, test sessions and learning by using the Assessment Master Administration module that provides you with full online management functionality;
  • The Assessment Master Marking module delivers automated and human marking capability for complex artefacts (essays, pictures, “how to” scenarios). Items for marking can be assigned and split between various staff and marked via an intuitive interface- a number of reports are available via this module;
  • Deliver assessments everywhere and to everyone – Assessment Master significantly increases the target population and the reach of the electronic assessment by providing various delivery methods.