SoNET Systems iCASE 4.31.0 Release Notes 2: 30/07/2017


We have included a configurable option that would include a ‘Pledge’ section within the Fundraising Donate Page that would allow a donor to have the option of specify the ‘Pledge’ frequency with the Donation Amount they are making.

Within the Fundraising Donate Page (if configured to include Pledge section)

Please note:

  • a checkbox on the Fundraising Donate Page when ‘checked’ will allow the donor to specify their donation as a Pledge (including options to set the frequency details themselves).
  • the Donate Amount value is used as amount donated for each Pledge instalment (eg: Donate Amount: $1.00 and Number of Instalments set to 5 would result in a Pledge Amount of $5.00)

For assistance in scheduling to get this option set/reset please contact SoNET Systems Software Support who will be able to schedule the timing of this request.