SoNET Systems iCase Release Notes – September 2017

SoNET regularly adds new features to iCase to keep up with customer demand and to remain innovative and relevant in the IT industry.  Some of the new features we now offer include:

Feature: (New) Quotation to Service Agreement Conversion

iCase now supports converting a quotation with line items into a Service Agreement with a reference to the quote number for traceability. For example, in NDIS where a service agreement is required to confirm the services to be provided to participants can now be converted from the quotations issued to them previously.

Feature: (New) Service agreement to Task funding

iCase now supports converting a service agreement with line items (which may have been converted from a quote) into task funding for a participant. For example, in NDIS, this eliminates a number of manual steps required to create task funding for each of the participants.

Feature: (New) Service agreement to Task funding

A new task type has been introduced to support multiple funding line items per person in a task. For example, in NDIS, a group event may consist of multiple persons with multiple and different funding line items.

Feature: (Enhancement) Multiple services can now be associated with funding line items

Multiple services can now be associated with funding line items which eliminates associating single funding line item per service. For example, in NDIS, there could be a number of services (task types) which may be required to be associated with a single line item but the configuration in the previous version of iCase required each service to be associated with just one line item in task funding resulting in many number of funding line items.

Feature: (New) Advance Donor Import

Under the Admin -> Fundraising module, we’ve introduced a new feature where you can upload 3rd party contribution information into iCase.  For more information on how to use this feature please contact SoNET Systems Software Support for more details.

Other Enhancements:

  • New “Quotation & SA” tab for listing of Quotation and Service Agreement
  • Balance tab in finance has been renamed to Finance
  • Funding tab has been renamed to Service Funding and now includes ‘Additional Info’ column to list a consolidated view of custom fields per record
  • Within the Application -> Other Settings interface,
    • the module Purchase Order is now called Finance.
    • configuring account types within the Finance -> General Details > Account Type data grid.
  • Within the Application ->Tasks Types interface,
    • New task type category: Group services (for use of group base activities)
  • Within the Application -> Form Builder interface,
    • New task keywords added to form template

For more details, please contact SoNET Systems Software Support