How does Assessment Master fit in with Australia’s innovation strategy?

With the mining boom slowly coming to an end and agriculture taking a recent hit due to severe weather and competition from abroad, there is a great need to fill Australia’s exportation gap with different products and services, particularly in the technology and software sector.

Exporting technology is Australia’s best chance to transform itself from a resource exploitation export economy into a new high tech export economy. At present, Australia is at the forefront of online assessment service adoption and implementation amongst developed countries. Further development of this area will assist Australian businesses to maximise their export potential and generate revenue for the Australian Government.

Companies striving to gain a competitive edge in this market must offer products or services that are reliable and consistent, cost-effective and most importantly, innovative. This means incorporating the latest technology in software development, creating products that support quality learning and teaching, and ensuring programs are user-friendly and accessible from all across the globe.

Currently, one of the main online assessment products used across Australia and globally is SoNET’s Assessment Master. Far exceeding conventional online examination software, Assessment Master is a highly innovative product that provides a task-oriented and task-simulated assessment of student performance in any situation. It is unique in that it not only assesses the task that has been accomplished, but the means by which it has been attained, allowing for assessment of behaviours and student collaboration.

Assessment Master’s state-of-the-art approach to online assessment is the first of its kind, allowing SoNET to considerably improve Australia’s participation and competitiveness in the provision of online assessment products and services. Its further development and internationalisation fits in well with the overall innovation strategy of the Australian Government and transition to a 21st Century knowledge based economy.

Compared to other web based assessment and learning systems that are limited in functionality by the browser, Assessment Master is a feature-rich, sophisticated software system that allows simulation of applications, processes, games or tasks and measures a student or employees’ skills and competency in those tasks.

With technical advancement occurring in the last decade, including improved bandwidth on public and private networks, and significant development to business and schools’ IT infrastructure, now is a great opportunity to implement Assessment Master into every school or work curriculum. Students, instructors and trainers can customise the content and layout of their course material so that it fits in with a specific learning outcome.

Assessment Master serves thousands of educational institutions and businesses around the world to help better deliver assessment information. Some of the local and international markets that find use in Assessment Master include;

  • State and National Governments;
  • Universities around the globe;
  • National Ministries or Departments of Education and their agencies tasked to measure student performance at a national and/or state/regional level e.g. numeracy, literacy, science, ICT, etc;
  • Regional education assessment authorities;
  • School associations and independent schools;
  • Commercial enterprises;
  • Independent researchers and educators;
  • Item and test creators;
  • Large corporations that have a significant need for assessment of employee skills, internal certifications, client training and certifications.

Assessment Master secures Australia’s position as a leading provider of hi-tech niche products and services at a local and international level. It provides a paperless solution to online testing that not only helps organisations’ fulfil the requirements of competency based training and assessment, but presents a long-term economic benefit by cutting operating costs associated with printing, data collation, posting, filing, and processing of information.

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to what Assessment Master can achieve, not only when it comes to developing assessment material, but also when it comes to evaluating a students’ learning and performance. One ingenious feature of Assessment Master is that it provides integration to Artificial Intelligence systems for automated marking of essays. The use of Artificial Intelligence to grade essays has long been a contentious issue, however, studies indicate that the standard of the grading is similar to the natural variation you would observe between different instructors. Artificial Intelligence helps users overcome time restraints, costs, extensive logistical efforts, and issues with consistency in marking. It also has the added benefit of grading essays written in languages others than English and the ability to provide instantaneous feedback.

Assessment Master allows users to quickly and efficiently build adaptive and complex tests and task based learning materials without any knowledge of programming.