Evidence Institute in Poland delivers Assessment Master to thousands of students

On the 6 -7 June and 13 – 14 June, Assessment Master was used by the Evidence Institute in Poland to successfully deliver a student competency test to over 18,000 students. Developed in Polish and with no prior experience of Assessment Master, it took the Evidence Institute just under four months to learn the system, create the questions, assemble the various tests, schedule the students, and coordinate all activities leading up to the release of the online assessment. In total, 190 tests (with 450 test items) were created, which were developed and managed outside the system and imported in.

Assessment Master can support people in creating tests in any language, or by using the inbuilt tools users can translate the tests to any other languages.

 “Competencies 2017″ is a study based on the highest research standards, providing a tool for local governments, schools, parents and students to impartially compare the effects of teaching over the years, and between schools and local governments. The ultimate goal of the study is to assess skills and knowledge in maths, in order to bridge the gap in learning that arises after sixth grade exams, middle school exams, and end-of-life educational research projects.