NDIS, the Challenge and the Opportunity

With the NDIS still in trial at sites around Australia, the details of how exactly it will work are still far from clear to many of us. But it’s not too early for service-providers to be taking some important steps to prepare themselves for the new regime that the NDIS is ushering in.
The Big Picture
While the details may yet to be settled through experience gained in the trial program, it’s clear that NDIS is intended to improve the quality and efficiency of government financial support for the people with disability (participants), by delivering services according to needs identified in a personalised care plan. A key aspect of the Scheme is that participants will be able to choose a provider for each service to which their circumstances entitle them. One inevitable outcome will be that service providers will experience:
• Greater complexity in record-keeping and reporting, as they keep track of multiple interactions with each participant.
• Greater competition with other service providers, as participants exercise their freedom to pick and choose where and how they acquire their services.
iCase Job and Community Services Software
To address the challenges of the NDIS, service-providing organisations will need enhanced CRM software. iCase, a product of SoNET Systems, is a CRM software optimised for the NDIS. Designed in consultation with industry participants, iCase exploits SoNET’s decade of experience in the field of community service provision. It’s is a web-based application, optimised for all platforms and devices and hosted by SoNET’s Cloud, meaning that data is securely stored on Australian soil. The iCase software can be used to manage a number of Community Services programs like NDIS, Jobactive, DES (Disability Employment Services), My Age Care, Child Care, ADE (Assisted Disability Employment) Fund Raising, Call Centres, Meals on Wheels and any other custom made community program. Apart from program specific functions the core common functions are:
• Client (participant), Jobseeker and Case Management
• Financials – Funding, Invoices, POs
• Task and Activity Management
• Calendar and Rostering
• Staff Management
• Workflow, Alerts and Notifications
• CRM – Customers, Organisations, Contacts, Relationships, Sales
• Asset Management
• Document Management
• Search and standard and custom reporting
• Custom fields, forms, letters, notes, tasks, etc.
iCase is easy to use, pay-per-user software that enables users to improve the quality of the services they provide, and the efficiency with which they provide them.
As Jobactive and DES services are so often a natural extension of community services or vice versa, iCase is designed to integrate seamlessly both functionalities. It combines all the functions of an employment services and community services provider in a single, easy to use package.
iCase offers ultimate flexibility and scalability, and is in use by service providing organisations of all sizes, including several of the NDIS trial sites.