NDIS – A new way for the future of disability management

NDIS – A new way for the future of disability management

Those suffering from a disability, whether physical or mental, can often feel shut out of society and unable to experience meaningful participation in the community.

While there has always been some level of community support to assist these people, there is hope that the Government’s new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will open up a world of opportunities for those below the age of 65 suffering from a disability or impairment. NDIS is classified as an insurance scheme, rather than a welfare package, and is a care and support plan that is tailored to each individual’s personal needs and goals. Funding is allocated based on individual’s needs rather than a lump sum given to the service provider, as has generally occurred in the past.

This approach provides more choices and will assist those with a disability to better integrate in society by giving them more access to mainstream services and facilities to support greater independence, improved health and wellbeing, enhanced job opportunities and social inclusion.

NDIS assists participants with daily life activities, including transport for community or social activities, help with household tasks, assistive technology, job assistance, educational opportunities, funding for aids and equipment, home and vehicle modifications, and many more.

Community Service providers participating in the NDIS will need to maintain stringent record-keeping and reporting requirements, to allow for uncomplicated referral by Government, professional associations, funding bodies and employers. The success of this process is largely dependent on accurate and up-to-date Client and Case Management Systems (CMS) software.

iCase, a product of SoNET Systems, is a CMS software that has been developed to manage various Community Services programs, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

iCase is designed by industry participants that have a wealth of experience in the Community Services sector. It is an easy-to-use, flexible, SaaS (Software as a Service) that combines all the functions of an employment services and community services provider in one single package. iCase is a case management software solution that offers the operational tools to ensure a consistent service delivery, through automated processing, record keeping and online management features. This ensures reporting accuracy, standardised record keeping, and document management, in turn permitting service providers to reduce time and money spent on administration and to offer a better quality of service to their clients.

With a system that facilitates better organisational management such as iCase, businesses can manage contacts, set appointments, manage financial information, track services delivery and keep an eye on client and staff activities. Other common functions expected include calendar and rostering, workflow, alerts and notifications, notes and tasks, forms and letters, asset management and custom reporting.

In addition, iCase has inbuilt invoicing and purchase order functions to allow for strict financial management, whilst integration with accounting software and Government compliance allow for overall improved management, performance and greater outcomes.

iCase is hosted at SoNET’s Cloud in Melbourne and AWS Cloud in Sydney, which provides secure access to iCase from anywhere, at any time and on any computing device on private network or internet connection. In addition, all data is stored in Australia, so organisations can be assured that their privacy and that of their clients is always safeguarded, according to Australian rules and regulations.

iCase’s specially designed Community Service Provider software has built in document management system that is more efficient, consistent and secure for clients, and also assists service providers to reduce their ecological footprint with less paperwork.