iCase is an easy to use, flexible and industry specific employment services software solution for Jobactive (formally Job Services Australia or ‘JSA’) providers and Disability Employment Services (DES) providers – delivering impressive return on investment with a low cost per user, per month package, eliminating capital expenditure and risky software purchases.

Designed by industry participants, for industry participants, iCase reduces the costs of supporting employment services operations by incorporating all activities involved with effectively managing your business in to one comprehensive employment services system.

iCase is fully supported and maintained by SoNET, inclusive of set-up and training, hosting, ongoing helpdesk and unrivalled customisation support from our friendly and knowledgeable team.

iCase requires no installation and is easily integrated with your current IT system and Department’s ESS. iCase is also delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing users to access web-based applications over the internet, rather than investing in complex software installation, management and maintenance.


Gain full support for jobseeker processes, from induction and training to successful placement and post-placement care, using iCase comprehensive employment services software, with integration to ESS Web. Easy to use Jobactive CRM and case management software (CMS) functions deliver significant increase in consultant productivity, and ultimately an increased number of successful job placements.

Disability Employment Services (DES)

iCase is highly customisable as DES software, integrating with ESS Web and presenting DES, CRM and client management software (CMS) in one simple process for disability employment service providers. Specific case management software for disability employment services increases productivity with automated processing reducing time spent on administration, whilst ensuring full compliance with government, legal and industry requirements.


iCase provides users with the benefit of being able to access all Jobactive and DES records at the click of a mouse – using a comprehensive, specifically designed employment services software system. Inbuilt financial functionality for invoicing and purchase orders, integration with ESS Web, online documents management and intelligent job matching functions all act to seriously diminish paperwork and administration time. This ultimately allows staff to focus more time on servicing clients, resulting in increased job placement, overall revenue and high level compliance.

Jobseekers Support and Management

iCase allows easy access to jobseeker records, notes, attachments, forms and employee details, with full compliance and integration with Department of Employment (DE). Set goals and plan tasks for jobseekers with alerts and recommendations, schedule activities and manage appointments, training and events, with PSS contact regimes that can be tailored to meet jobseeker or employer circumstances.

Intelligent Job Matching function to 130,000+ vacancies in Australia

SoNET has exclusive access to Australian job feeds database with over 130,000 vacancies, refreshed daily. Coupled with unique job searching functions, including built in resume builders, and intelligent Jobs2Match technology, jobseekers find the entire process much easier to manage. With algorithms that enable J2M to ‘learn’ as it goes, improving it’s job matching accuracy and relevance, iCase enhances productivity of employment services, offering more job opportunities, and a more efficient process of matching jobseekers to them.

Integrated Document Management System

Digitally convert your operational documents and files with our fully automated document management system. Bar code document tagging, printing and scanning technology enables all your documents to be marked and securely stored within one system, and then easily categorised, searched and accessed at the click of a button. Documents are automatically attached to clients, customers or any other system entity.

Automation and ESS Web Integration

iCase has automated integration with Employment Service Software (ESS) and Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI) functions, with full error handling, two way synchronisation and transaction authentication. Create JSCI, auto populate ESS in real time and pull down current JSCI from ESS with JSCI search in iCase.

Employer Management with Full CRM Functionality

Keep track of all relationships with individuals and organisations using sophisticated and functional Jobactive and DES CRM. Roster activities, manage appointments, run campaigns, newsletters and marketing activities, as well as access interaction history with comprehensive document retention.

Reporting and Searching

iCase provides a number of predefined reports including comprehensive searching options with a simple approach to full searching across notes, forms, employers, client data and any other information stored in the database. Save your regular searches as ad hoc reports and tag clients or organisations to save time, and provide enhanced searching results.

User Management

Create your business structure with any number of locations, multiple companies, departments, cost centres with flexible role based access and user management. iCase will support all user management processes with a single account authentication through Active Directory synchronisation.

Flexibility and Customisation – No Programming Required

iCase’s flexible environment enables users unprecedented levels of customisations without the usual developmental costs. Improve productivity by adapting iCase to your own needs and business processes. iCase also integrates to a whole array of payroll software, award interpreters and accounting software, to reduce costs and further streamline back office operations.