Similar to our Jobactive software, iCase’s DES software is specifically designed by industry participants, to improve performance and ultimately enhance results of disability employment services providers – all on a simple, low cost per user, per month pricing package.

iCase’s unparalleled flexibility allows integration to all employment services, and, as such, has effectively assisted the ongoing operations of DES providers such as these non-for-profit organisations: Ostara Australia, NQ Employment, STEPS, etc.

These providers, and many more, have benefited from the standard iCase features incorporated in our DES software, including:

  • DES Customer Relationship Management software employer focus;
  • DES case management software;
  • DES client (jobseeker) management software;
  • Exclusive Jobs2Match database and matching technology;
  • Integrated + automated document management;
  • Staff rostering and management;
  • Advanced searching and reporting functions;
  • Automated purchase order and claim creation;
  • Hosting and ongoing support from SoNET.

iCase Benefits:

Fully Automated Processing

Automated processing and record keeping across DES jobseekers and client management software features, including advanced job match algorithms, seriously diminish administration time and costs, allowing more time to be allocated towards servicing client needs.

Improved Compliance

Full compliance with DE regulations, including Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI) and ESS processes, means confidence in business processes, and an increase in Government funding opportunities.

Strict Financial Management

Automated and customisable invoicing and purchase order creation, as well as easy integration to accounting and payroll applications, ensures that all financial bases are covered, avoiding potential for costly mistakes.

Document Management

Barcode based document management helps enhance administration functions, and an automated online form process reduces paper usage, improves productivity and positively impacts the environment.