Specifically designed by industry participants, for industry participants, iCase Jobactive software improves efficiency of employment services providers by minimising administration time, allowing more time for client support, and ultimately more success in matching jobseekers with jobs.

How it works

iCase offers a complete approach to employment services by combining all activities involved with the successful operations of Jobactive (formally Job Services Australia, or “JSA”) providers in to one easy to use, advanced and highly customisable Jobactive software solution.

By having all your information, filing, contacts, databases, notes etc. easily accessible at the click of a button; coupled with our advanced automated searching, reporting and job matching technology – Jobactive providers save time and money on administration across numerous business processes, whilst increasing performance, success and revenue.

Our Jobactive software comes in one low cost per user, per month package, easily installed and integrated to current IT systems and applications, and delivered as SaaS – Service as a Service.

Features of Jobactive Software

Some of the features incorporated within iCase Jobactive software include:

Jobactive Jobseeker management and support software functions help to manage all client information and activities across any scale or location;

Jobs2Match Technology allows exclusive access to Australian job feed databases, in addition to inbuilt resume builders and intelligent Jobs2Match algorithms – designed to enhance the job-matching process.

Jobactive Customer Relations Management (CRM) functions help keep track of all employers and other organisational relationships, appointments, marketing campaigns and interaction history.

Jobactive Case Management Jobactive case management functions increase productivity with automated activity management of all schedules, recommendations and evaluations.

Financial Management is inclusive of invoicing, claims and purchase ordering functions – allowing for simple and strict financial management, with integration to accounting, payroll and ESS Web systems.

Other notable functions include document management (using barcode scanning technology); staff and task rostering and management; reporting and searching functions; automated integration with ESS Web and more.

iCase Jobactive Software is proud to support some of Australia’s leading employment service providers, including Medec, A4E, ECT, Global Skills etc.