Top 25 Government and Technology Providers 2017

Government and Public sectors are no longer what they were. Their horizontal expanse has multiplied unequivocally, so has their dependence on newer technologies to tread these new horizons. And, since the new world is plagued by concerns such as, security threats, population proliferation and depleting resources, it is only evident that state-run agencies will become major users of the newest disruptions that hit technology arena. Unsurprisingly, the APAC region, due to its rapidly bolstering economic prowess, will become an attractive destination for technology providers in the years to come. IoT is one such component that is highly anticipated to be adopted by the governments in this region in order to develop and fulfill improved citizencentric eServices.

One notable event that begs a mention at this point is the very recent outbreak of WannaCry Ransomware. In its aftermath, this pandemic has paved an urgent need for more sophisticated security measures, or in other words, conjured the perfect timing for companies with innovative ideas and solutions to rise up to greater heights. Nonetheless, complimentary technologies in the likes of cognitive intelligence and nextgeneration analytics will rank high in the agendas for future discussions. Through this edition of APAC CIO Outlook, we bring to you “Top 25 Govt. & Public Sector Technology Providers 2017,” featuring the top solution and service providers offering technologies and services in the government space.

The companies listed here showcase extensive business knowledge and innovative strategies combined with talent base across locations.

SONET SYSTEMS: Assisting Public Sector to Embrace Key Technologies

Testing and assessments at various levels of academics are integral and essential part of the educational process. Transcending this process to online services not only provides quantifiable outcomes, but also opens completely new horizons in the art of assessment. Computer-based assessments have possibilities unparalleled to traditional paperbased assessments. Tackling this and offering an online platform that addresses the issues faced by ‘pen and paper’ and traditional assessment methods is Melbourne-based SoNET Systems. Being at the forefront of utilizing technologies in conjunction with modern assessment methods, SoNET provides SaaS and mobile solutions for education and community services sectors.

With its two core products— Assessment Master™ and iCase, the company brings in innovation and creativity for its clients to keep up with the latest trends in the market. Assessment Master™ is an online assessment SaaS platform that allows flexible assessment from any location across multiple delivery methods. By simulating processes, software, behaviors, and situations, this assessment software is unique in its ability to complete a task—allowing assessment of behaviors and student collaborations. This sophisticated platform is used by state and federal government agencies nationally and similar government organisations internationally for task-oriented and task-simulated assessments. Education Services Australia, ACARA, NZQA, Ministry of Education Israel, Ministry of Education Chile, and The Salvation Army Employment Plus being few of them. Moreover, SoNET Systems integrates technologies like AI and Machine Learning in its Assessment Master tool verified in a trial with Department of Education and SCSA in WA. “The system has a component of Machine Learning where humans train the system, and AI component does the job. This technology has been proven and verified in trials with the Department of Education and SCSA in WA, and it has shown that this has the same or better accuracy than humans with much higher level of consistency,” expounds Mike Janic, CEO & Managing Director, SoNET Systems.

The company has been working with Australian Council of Education Research (ACER) and Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) to address their challenges to deliver Information and Communication Technology Literacy (ICTL) assessment to students across the country. Due to inconsistent infrastructure conditions and lack of stability of internet in some schools of Australia, it was difficult for ACER and ACARA to conduct online electronic assessments. Perceiving this, SoNET developed multiple modes of delivering assessments from using terminal services, direct internet across any browser without the use of plugins, self-contained USB sticks—setting up a portable network and laptop environment that invigilators with little IT expertise could manage. On the other hand, iCase is a unique client and case management software product aimed to improve quality and productivity for the organisations that are engaged by the federal or state governments. This SaaS provides services in various sectors like employment (JobActive, Disability Employment Services), disability services (NDIS), community services, aged care, and more. In an instance in 2015, when Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) was in need for a solution for the replacement of their existing system, it opted for SoNET System’s iCase. The adoption of iCase incorporated all the services of ASRC and rendered support to its multiple programs with the need for multiple systems at an affordable cost. Innovation coupled with creativity, SoNET Systems is carving a niche with its ability to conceptualize— successfully building software products from scratch. Although the company utilizes various emerging technologies including mobile technology and mobile apps in the different products, it further plans to incorporate Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies in its assessments and service provision.