Using Mobile Applications to better manage Client and Case Management Systems

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, businesses must find ways to streamline their processes and manage their client base, in order to operate more efficiently, profitably and productively. The rising use of smartphones and tablets allows basic business functions to be completed in half the time. Through the use of sophisticated mobile applications, organisations no longer need to depend on paper or excel spreadsheets to track projects or client activities.

The growing trend of using mobile applications for client relationship management permits workers to access business information and client details on demand, and can greatly enhance employee communication and collaboration. Businesses can now take advantage of mobile applications to enter data, rapidly access key functions, send invoices, receipts and payslips, and communicate more effectively with clients.

Integrating Mobile Applications with a Client and Case Management System (CMS) gives workers access to up-to-date, real-time information, a valuable asset especially when managing employees. This is particularly relevant in the Job Services Sector, an industry heavily reliant on the use of Case Management Systems to manage clients and collaborate with other employees.

Mobile engagement between jobseeker and provider allows for an improved Employment Services system, whereby jobseekers are empowered through regular communication with consultants and connection to resources, and consultants work more productively and ultimately achieve more job placements.

The use of mobile apps not only helps facilitate two-way communication between jobseekers and employment consultants, but it also allows jobseekers more control and flexibility when it comes to searching for work from a job vacancy database.

Businesses, such as SoNET Systems have developed and released their own mobile app, JSLink, for those working in, and using, the Job Services Sector.

JSLink is a sophisticated mobile application that connects Jobseekers with Jobactive and Disability Employment providers. Any Employment Service provider who uses the iCase jobseeker management SaaS application can enable their jobseekers to use JSLink – which can be downloaded free from the Apple Store or Google Play, and will work on iPhone, iPad or any Android powered device.

What are the benefits of JSLink for Jobseekers and Employment Services Providers?

The benefits of using JSLink are numerous. Jobseekers can search for jobs from the inbuilt vacancy database, with over 100,000 vacancies in Australia refreshed daily. The mobile app will notify them of any up-coming jobs and also allows them to quickly and conveniently apply for jobs straight from their smart phone. JSLink also gives JobSeekers access to training and online learning resources from their Job Service provider any time, from anywhere.

Employment Consultants working in the Job Services sector who use JSLink, notice a remarkable increase in productivity as a result of streamlined communication with jobseekers. They are also able to make better use of their time due to a reduction in missed or rescheduled appointments, as the app can send out appointment notifications and reminders to jobseekers. With access to the job feeds database, consultants can play an active part in expanding employment opportunities and outcomes for Jobseekers.

Organisations in the Job Services industry should embrace the use of mobile apps in the workforce, in order to increase worker productivity and efficiency, and provide clients with the best service possible.

Offering convenience, practicality and keeping consultants connected with jobseekers outside of formal appointments, JSLink covers all the bases necessary in order for Employment Service Providers to streamline daily operations and meet client demand.